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Executive Director
Cheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce

Scott’s 5M’s are a simple yet detailed way for non-profit reporting and planning. As a new Chamber Director, having this formula in place has allowed me to efficiently communicate with the Board of Directors every aspect of organizational affairs. The Cheboygan Chambers implementation of Scott’s 5M method has transformed the fiscal and strategic planning to ensure a healthy future



Former President
Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce

Scott’s 5-M’s are the blocking and tackling of organization management.  If you want your organization to succeed you need to master these fundamentals, and Scott can get you there. 



St. Ignace Chamber of Commerce

Scott’s organization management ideas are amazing. During my first years as a director his 5M’s strategy gave not only myself but also my Board of Directors a target on which to focus during the decision-making process. His words are, to this day, still in my head when making a decision; “For the betterment of the Organization”.  I was also a part of his “Non-Profit 101” class which helped my staff better understand the unique obstacles and boundless possibilities in the non-profit organization world.   



Board Director
Mullett Lake Area Preservation Society
Executive Leadership Coach

Scott Herceg was a guiding light for Board Members of the Mullett Lake Area Preservation Society (MAPS) when we were looking to be more strategic and cohesive as a Board.  Through Scott’s facilitation, he helped us to collegially look at the current state of the organization and identify what might need to change to achieve our aspiring vision and goals.  Beyond analysis, he led us to identify  and commit to specific actions by individuals to follow through on our strategic planning.  His 5Ms of Association Management (i.e., Mission, Money, Membership, Manpower, and Marketing) was an essential touchstone for the Board members to understand their own roles and objectively look at how we are doing in achieving our goals in these areas.  All Board members came away more unified as a team with a clearer commitment to specific actions to meet our organization’s needs.  We all thought it was valuable time well spent.



Executive Director
Greater Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce

Scott did a fantastic job of bringing out creative ideas from our Board of Directors as the facilitator at our annual Strategic Planning session. He helped us create a concrete plan forward from a diverse and varied collection of thoughts and opinions. With almost all our regular programming canceled due to Covid, we started from the ground up. He facilitated meaningful conversation and allowed us to create a plan unique and appropriate to the needs of our community. Highly recommend!

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